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Sidewalk Tango is the dance company and studio of renowned performers David Backler and Dianne Heywood-Smith.

They specialize in teaching and dancing “Tango Argentino”.

Classes are held in “Salon” “Milonguero” and “Tango Nuevo” stylisations, with all due credit and respect given to the history and culture of the milongueros of Buenos Aires.

Sidewalktango organise for dancers to participate at three different levels:

1.Classes and Workshops: for learning the craft and technique of Tango
Tango Class Calendar

2. Practicas: the informal social dance practice where the real learning begins. Before venturing into the “Milonga” dancers need to hone their skills, and learn the culture, codes and etiquette of tango. This is the function of the practica.

Sidewalktango has two Practica’s.
Every Wednesday PRACTICA T from 9.00pm to 10.00pm.

And every 2nd and fourth Sunday we have LA PRACTICA from 3.00pm to 6.00pm

3. Milongas:
TANGO NOIR- Every third Saturday of the month 8.30pm till late


LA MILONGUITA – Every Wednesday 10.00pm to midnight

David and Dianne are professional performers and entertainers. Touring their dance and cabaret acts in theatres, clubs and festivals around Australia, and overseas including Singapore, Barcelona, Shanghai, Buenos Aires

In 2009 they toured their show to Buenos Aires, including performing at the famous Sunderland, “La Milonga del Mundo”
2009 Performed Tango Cabaret for NZ Festival of the Arts in the “Dans Palais” spiegeltent
Duriing 2010 they performed their cabaret act “The Dry Martinis and the Cigarettes of Doom” in the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.
February 2011 they performed with live music played by the two Maestros Massimo Scattolin and
Jo Beaumont
In May 2011 they performed and and taught tango at the Noumea Festivalin New Caledonia
In October 2011 they travelled to New Zealand to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sidewalktango founding the first Tango Argentino events to be held in New Zealand .
In December 2011 they created and convened a new Melbourne Community event “Tango Escape” in Daylesford, Victoria
2012 March: Conducted a community Tango Escape in Hobart
2012 July toured performances and workshops to Perth WA
2013 February performed Martini Tango Milonga in Spiegeltent for Perth Festival
2014 Woodend Winter Festival, Alice Springs Desert Festival, and at Playhouse in Nelson (New Zealand)
2014 Toured with Argentinian composer and maestro Maximo Pujol and Trio, Melba Hall Victoria and Festival Hall Adelaide.
2016 Performed on stage with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Myer Music Bowl “Tang of the Tango”
REVIEW in Fairfax Media (Read whole article!)

Sidewalk Tango has its home at the Tiki Lounge and Bar
327 Swan Street, Richmond.

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