Argentine Tango……….Tango Argentino

Throughout 2018

Tango Classes Calendar

Learn to dance the mysterous and compelling “Tango de Salon”
with Dianne Heywood-Smith, one of Australia’s Tango Ambassadors.  

Classes commencing 22nd January 2018


7.00pm-8.00pm Basics Level I and II

All Welcome
Start dancing Tango with fun and ease. Suitable for sudents with little or no tango dance experience and for dancers who want to brush up on technique for posture, embrace, “giro” tango structure, and musicality. Plus the all important “milonga etiquette”.

8.00pm-9.00pm Intertermediate Level III

Students must have completed Levels I and II
The Dance, the Music, the Partner
This class explores sensitivity and connection, subtle movement and posture.
Working on more complex concepts and skills for discovering improvisations. Use of adornments and attention to musicality

9.00pm-10.00pm Advanced Tango Level IV – (partner required)*

This class aims to build advanced level techniques and improvisation skills inside the tango art form.
Promoting body awareness and natural movement building strength grace and most importantly confidence.

*Although we change partners regularly in this class we prefer even numbers to facilitate efficient learning.

Private Classes by Appointment.

Dianne 0418 331638

La Practica
La Practica will continue at the studio every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month commencing on 11th February 2018

Tango Classes Calendar

No need to book, no need to bring a partner

327 Swan St, Richmond, Victoria

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