Beginners Classes

Tango Argentino Beginners Classes in Hobart , Tasmania

Learn To Dance Tango in Hobart

Every Tuesday 7.00pm starting 22nd February 2022

Venue: The Italian Club , 77 Federal St, North Hobart, Tasmania

$25 per person

All Welcome

Beginners Level

Starting with easy movement and connection in the embrace.
Progressing to style and form in Ochos, Giros and Voleos

Suitable For Complete Beginners with no dance experience and also for anyone wishing to learn or brush up correct technique in tango fundamentals

After the completion of Level One, students will be asked to move up into Beginners Level Two, and then following on up into Intermediate Levels

Tuesdays 7.00pm OPEN TO ALL LEVELS

ALL LEVELS of experience are welcome and each dancer receives tuition appropriate to their own pace and technical requirements.

Suitable for people with no tango dance experience and but also for Intermediate and Advanced level dancers who want to practice correct technique for posture, embrace, tango structure, and musicality/improvisation . Plus the all important milonga etiquette.

Please book in advance for yourself and your class “balance partner” in order to keep numbers of lead and follow even in the classes.

Bookings call/text Mia: 0447288838

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