David and Mia specialize in teaching and dancing social style “Tango Argentino”.

Classes are held in “Salon” “Milonguero” and other stylisations, with all due credit and respect given to the history and culture of the milongueros of Buenos Aires .

Sidewalktango organise for dancers to participate at three different levels:

1. Classes and Workshops: for learning and understanding the craft and technique of Tango

2. Practicas: the informal guided social dance practice where the real dancing begins. Before venturing into the “Milonga” dancers need to hone their skills for many hours, and learn the culture, codes and etiquette of tango. This is the function of the practica.

Sidewalktango holds “Practica “ at the Italian Club every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 8.00 to 9.30pm. Attendance by Bookings in Advance please.

3. Milongas: MILONGA “X” every third Friday of the month at St. Xavier Hall

David and Mia will invite you as their student to attend the Milonga when they know that you are ready, and have graduated through to the standard required as a “Bailerin de Tango”

Attendance to all our Sidewalktango events : Classes, Practicas and Milongas is by pre-bookings and payment in advance please

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